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Wellington ICT Graduate School Case Study

About Wellington ICT Graduate School

Wellington ICT Graduate School (WICTGS) is a Government led initiative to retrain people with non-technical under-graduate degrees and retrain them to a Masters level in the traditional ICT fields. The course is delivered by Victoria University in Wellington and has a highly successful, industry led programme that has meant almost all of their graduates have gone straight into the ICT workforce upon graduation.

The Challenge

When trying to teach students how to code and run software, the limitations can sometimes be on the students ability to afford the hardware to successfully run their application. This causes a problem where sometimes ability is not the difference between getting a top or low grade but the amount of money and resources that student has.

The Solution

To take that challenge away the WICTGS, with the help of Consegna, gave every student a WorkSpaces account so they could run their programmes through AWS’s WorkSpaces Desktop as a Service (DaaS). This allowed students to work off netbooks and their phones without any issues and continue where they left off on a desktop when they get home.

The benefits

Ease of implementation

Consegna was able to provide 30 individual accounts for each Masters student quickly and effectively and provided a workshop to walk the students through using WorkSpaces as well as being available if the students had any issues.

Elimination of a cost barrier for students

Students were no longer restricted by what hardware they could afford. They could run the same applications on a $300 netbook device that another student could run on a high calibre expensive laptop.

Work is always backed up and available

No dog can eat your homework with WorkSpaces. A student can work on a project from their laptop. If that device is then damaged, the project can be retrieved from their state-full WorkSpace on another device, picking up where the student left off - even the mouse cursor will be exactly where it was last placed.

About Consegna and AWS

At Consegna we care about creating an exceptional customer Cloud experience, with cost optimisation and innovation through Cloud Delivery and Transformation. Working closely with AWS, we combine the best Amazon platform and infrastructure components to create fit for purpose services. We provide our clients with a tailored Cloud migration roadmap and formulate an outcomes focussed Cloud strategy, customised to their unique requirements. The partnership of Consegna and Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive Cloud computing services for all business outcomes that can enable you to reduce TCO and maximise your benefits including agility and security.

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