Monarch Automated Deployment with Kubernetes on EC2

“During planning & migration of QV’s core line of business application from ConductR based containers to Kubernetes we relied heavily on our strategic AWS support partner Consegna.

We found the team at Consegna to be experts in this domain and a genuine safe pair of hands through the migration.”

– Paul Matthews, Technology Solutions Manager, Quotable Value

Quotable Value Case Study

About Quotable Value

Quotable Value (QV) is New Zealand’s largest valuation and property services company. They are a market-driven, commercially focused business, offering innovative professional valuation and related property information services. As a solutions focused business that is proudly New Zealand owned, QV offers independent and extensive services across the residential, rural, government and commercial sectors in New Zealand and Australia.

The Challenge

Consegna was working closely with Quotable Value (QV) to enable a replacement of QV’s near twenty-years-old core valuation system QIVS using AWS services such as EC2, S3, SQS and Lambda.

The replacement for QIVS is called Monarch and it is a set of micro-services run on Kubernetes and deployed onto AWS EC2. These micro-services needed to be deployed in a repeatable, automated way to ensure consistent performance and stability.

The Solution

Consegna worked with Quotable Value to deploy an automated AMI baking process using AWS CodePipeline to bootstrap its Kubernetes instances, which act as the backbone of the Monarch application. The application itself is deployed in an automated way by leveraging Ansible.

The Monarch infrastructure is entirely deployed with AWS CloudFormation which is version controlled and peer reviewed when any changes need to be made.

The benefits

Consistency of Infrastructure

By deploying the infrastructure of the Monarch application using AWS CloudFormation, it is easy to create new environments according to the businesses needs and is guaranteed to be consistent across these environments. This decreases the frequency of defects due to environmental issues and has enabled significant development efficiencies.

Repeatable Deployments

Using Ansible to orchestrate the deployment of Monarch into AWS, coupled with the maturity of Kubernetes, has enabled QV to get consistently repeatable and automated builds and deployments. With the increased levels of confidence in the infrastructure, build and deploy processes, QV has been able to decrease the release cycle time-frames and has been delivering value to the business faster.

Operational cost

Leveraging automation and Infrastructure as Code has meant operational overhead required to manage and maintain the Monarch application infrastructure, build and deploy processes has decreased in a significant way. In addition, the ability to optimise infrastructure components now requires less effort - this has resulted in QV realising a decrease in hosting fees on top of the operational cost savings.

About Consegna and AWS

Consegna is about creating an exceptional customer Cloud experience, with cost optimisation and innovation through Cloud Delivery and Transformation. Working closely with AWS, we combine the best Amazon platform and infrastructure components to create fit for purpose services. We provide our clients with a tailored Cloud migration roadmap and formulate an outcomes focussed Cloud strategy, customised to their unique requirements. The partnership of Consegna and Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive Cloud computing services for all business outcomes that can enable you to reduce TCO and maximise your benefits including agility and security.

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